The Book of Westmere

By Kerry Marie Sloan

Westmere Academy is the perfect school. Students with impeccable pedigrees, time honored school traditions, distinguished graduates . . . all that one would expect from an elite institution. Yet, despite the academy's reputation, all is not well. Strange happenings have been disturbing the tranquility of Westmere. An ancient evil is haunting the school's hallowed halls.

Into this dark atmosphere steps Sarah Breen, a fourth-year transfer student and an unwelcome outsider at Westmere. Persecuted by her fellow students and attacked by the evil powers descending on Westmere, Sarah faces danger from all sides. An old library and a mysterious book seem to offer the key to the mystery. But who or what is behind it all? Will Sarah be strong enough to overcome the stigma as the "The School Witch" and solve the mystery before it's too late?

Published December 28, 2015
Young Adult - 186 Pages
Available for Amazon Kindle and in Paperback.